KNOETZL is a leading Austrian law firm founded on a handshake by some of the most effective, experienced and perceptive legal minds dedicated to providing the highest quality of advocacy in dispute resolution and corporate crisis. Our mission is to achieve optimal outcomes for corporate, financial and governmental clients in their most significant and complex disputes. With an all-star team, combined with a diversity of styles and specializations, we’re here to deliver new standards of excellence in the market.

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We bring an agile, focused team, dedicated to developing and implementing cohesive strategies and cutting-edge thinking in collaboration with clients. Our team is seasoned; we believe that senior lawyers deliver better value-for-money. Put simply, we’re tough, smart and know how to win your case.

You will be represented by Austria’s finest dispute resolution team; our lawyers have developed and led the market here. You will receive highly-crafted, quality counsel built around transparent fees and an emphasis on value, all delivered by prolific experts and progressive thinkers.We have the flexibility to offer a tailored team and price. If you’re looking for the very best representation in disputes by those who do nothing else, you need look no further.

Our Culture

We tackle complex work effectively and efficiently. Competence, reliability and professionalism are all strong characteristics of our people and our working environment is non-bureaucratic and flexible.

We truly believe in teamwork, but we also understand that clients want their team to be the right size for their case. We’re happy to go the extra mile because our work is highly fulfilling and meaningful.


  • Bribery | Corruption

    We represent companies and individuals during fraud, criminal and business-irregularity investigation proceedings and guide them through trials when they arise.

    Our team expertly handles the technically legal aspects of white collar crime matters and is equally skilled at understanding and addressing commercial and reputational (including PR) risks and effects upon our clients and their businesses that may arise as an offshoot.

    The members of KNOETZL have supported clients in large-scale white collar crime matters over many years, and have helped them to successfully manage and resolve those challenges to the significant advantage of our clients’ business and operations.

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  • Collective Claims

    We represent enterprise clients involved in class, group and representative actions.

    One of our partners has successfully defended clients against class action lawsuits, including Austria’s biggest class action case to date. Our team, as a whole, has gained unparalleled expertise regarding the Austrian procedure for handling claims for collective redress, both within and outside the context of a sanctioned class.

    We continually monitor the pulse and closely follow local and international trends regarding the latest legal and procedural developments, especially in the context of increasing regulation and propagation of class, collective and concerted actions on the European level.

  • Commercial Arbitration

    We routinely advise and act on behalf of clients in institutional and in ad-hoc arbitration proceedings.

    The members of the arbitration team are engaged as counsel and as arbitrators by a wide array of parties and under all significant arbitration rules, including the ICSID Convention’s Rules, the Rules of Arbitration of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), the UNCITRAL Arbitration Rules, the German Institution of Arbitration (DIS) and the Rules of Arbitration of the VIAC (Vienna Rules). The distinct ability of each of our team members to collaborate with partner law firms, legal and industry experts and in-house counsel ensures high standards and perfect handling of the most complex cases. Because of the diversity of the arbitration team, we offer clients advice in various languages (including French, Spanish, Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian) and a deep market knowledge in a wide range of jurisdictions (among others, in South America, CEE and SEE). We act for our clients at all stages of arbitral proceedings, in setting aside proceedings and in relation to all aspects of the recognition and enforcement of arbitral awards.

    The members of the arbitration team have been successfully involved in some of the largest and most complex commercial arbitrations in Austria and the CEE region of the last decade, and on behalf of some of the world’s largest companies.

  • Compliance

    We understand that compliance issues have become increasingly important in almost all business sectors during the last years.  Our lawyers have been at the forefront of developments and services in this critical area.

    We review actual, planned and contested business practices for compliance with laws, regulations and policies, and we assist in identifying risks to organizations as we help develop and oversee the implementation of appropriate policies and effective control.

    Our compliance work encompasses a broad spectrum such as anti-corruption, reporting or disclosure, financial controls, money laundering, financing of criminal activities.

  • Corporate Crisis Management

    We believe that KNOETZL corporate clients secure significant advantage over their rivals in being represented by our seasoned experts in all mission critical disputes. In no area is their advantage as solid as when we are called upon to apply our experience, analytical acumen, practical solutions and strategic expertise to their most critical and sensitive corporate crises. This is the area in which our services are the most vital to our enterprise clients and are first choice for savvy players in the market.

    We provide seasoned and professional, hands-on, legal advice when a potential or actual crisis of any sort threatens a client’s business, at any stage of the crisis.

    The team at KNOETZL supports local and international companies across all business and governmental sectors in dealing with critical situations, and acts in a routine and focused manner, even under serious time pressure, as is so often the case.

    Our primary objective is to help our clients prevent crisis situations. If worse comes to worst in a rapidly-unfolding critical circumstance, our extensive experience and prompt response time provides our clients with a rapid and thorough assessment of all issues they encounter in the face of a corporate crisis, together with viable and business-oriented solutions.

  • Enforcement

    We assist with world-wide Asset Recovery, utilizing our global connections, including the international fraud & asset recovery network “ICC FraudNet”. Our lawyers are recognized as leading experts in Asset Tracing and have achieved the return of significant sums for our clients.

  • Fraud and Asset Tracing

    Members of our team are routinely called upon as a result of their extensive experience in high-value, multijurisdictional asset tracing and recovery.  We act, in this capacity, for multinational corporations, high net worth individuals and other victims of fraud.  Our close relationships and seasoned teamwork with experienced local and international forensic experts and fraud recovery lawyers in virtually every jurisdiction in the world, ensure that we can help identify, trace, freeze and recover hard financial, book entry, and physical assets with the most effective use of dedicated resources. In cases where tangible assets are not accessible or identifiable, we help clients to identify strategic and book-entry assets that may support legal efforts towards recovery.  Our experience in this sector includes securing and enforcing multimillion arbitral awards and foreign judgments simultaneously in multiple jurisdictions, securing worldwide freezing orders,  contesting and halting complex, hidden, asset transfers in multiple jurisdictions simultaneously, and recovering fraudulently misappropriated assets. Our clients and our international fraud and asset tracing partners value our tenacity and our imaginative use of all available civil and criminal law instruments, procedures and offices, to secure their recovery.

    One of our partners is the longstanding Austrian member, and an active and recognized leader, of ICC FraudNet , the world’s leading asset recovery network comprised of the top civil asset recovery specialist lawyers in every country.

  • Internal and External Investigations

    We assist our corporate clients in conducting internal investigations and as they face external investigations.

    One of our partners enjoys a reputation of international prominence in the field of investigations and, as the Austrian, and active, member of FraudNet, she provides our firm and our clients with ready access to the necessary, top-of-the-class, network to handle multi-cross-border investigations quickly and effectively.

    Our team of lawyers is experienced in dealing with technical aspects of internal and external investigations in a pragmatic and effective manner, including through the skilled utilization of forensic software. We understand the need to find answers quickly while avoiding disruption of our client’s business and operations.

    KNOETZL combines the experience, knowledge and contacts best suited to nimbly deliver investigative solutions and results.

  • Investment Arbitration

    Our lawyers are widely recognized for their skill in representing clients in connection with contract-based and treaty-based investment disputes. The members of the arbitration team have acquired substantial experience with investment arbitration proceedings conducted under the ICSID Convention’s Rules, the UNCITRAL Arbitration Rules as well as the Rules of Arbitration of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC).

    We regularly analyze the different levels of protection afforded to investors under international treaties and advise on the structuring of investments.

    The team at KNOETZL is multilingual, providing our clients with representation in connection with their investments around the world.

  • Litigation

    Litigation is the core of our practice. Our litigation team has a clear mission and a driving purpose: to achieve optimal outcomes for corporate, financial and governmental clients in their most significant, sensitive and complicated litigations before the Austrian courts, and well beyond. Our approach combines unmatched strategic thinking and decades of peerless experience with the endurance, stamina and commitment required to ultimately win the day. We work seamlessly with international partner law firms and industry experts in the CEE and SEE regions and are widely regarded as true leaders and innovators in this market. Highly regarded, top tier ranked international law firms choose KNOETZL as their local counsel. Our team’s diverse skillset covers civil, commercial, sovereign and criminal litigation, focusing significantly on liability claims, corporate disputes, banking, insurance and financial derivatives cases, investor protection, business crime, energy, technology and life science. Our services also include asset-tracing and effective provisional measures, such as freeze orders and attachments, in the domestic and international context, and the enforcement of foreign judgments.

  • Mediation | ADR

    We offer our clients the highest quality of advice and guide them through all forms of traditionally available, and creatively structured, alternative dispute resolution.

    The benefits of alternative dispute resolution reside in the numerous options available and the flexibility they offer to parties in dispute. Finding a party’s greatest advantage in ADR requires experienced dispute resolution specialists to assist in making the right choices and determining effective strategies and tactics.

    We respond to the need of our clients for counsel on the complete spectrum of dispute resolution options, processes and strategies, including non-adversarial, cost-effective approaches to contentious matters, as may be appropriate and effective.

    Our team includes accredited mediators with the experience to broker advantageous settlement agreements in complex disputes. We are committed to facilitating the best solution and finding a way for our clients to resolve issues, in order to get past their disputes and move forward.


  • Aviation

    The commercial aviation sector is a significant focus for us, representing a diverse range of clients that includes carriers, operators, concessionaires, developers and governments.  Our expertise focuses on development, planning, conversions and financing, and we regularly represent foreign and multinational corporates in complex multi-jurisdictional airline, airport and avionics disputes. From supporting a manufacturer of civil and military aircraft in civil, criminal and administrative proceedings in connection with massive contractual disputes, to working with a significant shareholder of a transnational airline in a corporate litigation dispute, our lawyers have the invaluable sector knowledge to deliver the best outcome.

  • Banking and Finance

    Our expertise in complex banking and finance litigation and arbitration, including focus areas such as financial derivatives, new product development and implementation, and fundamental macroeconomic upheaval, is unequaled in the entire CEE/SEE region. Crucially, we have the capacity and know-how to utilize immense amounts of data and use it effectively in legal proceedings in order to optimize your position. Our clients include Austrian and multinational banks, hedge funds, real estate funds, alternative asset providers, private equity, insurers and an array of additional market participants. They all value our decades of trial experience on Austrian and international banking and finance disputes, strong quantitative analysis and ground-breaking academic work, coupled with a profound knowledge of the market players and practices. Illustrating this success, lawyers on our team led as first chair one of the largest litigation cases ever brought before an Austrian court.

  • Construction and Engineering

    Our experience in construction and engineering disputes includes all major forms of contracts, including FIDIC and turnkey, procurement, concession, and joint venture, as well as license and maintenance, output, supply, vendor and finance agreements. Our Attorneys have represented companies in their most complex disputes from an early stage case and risk assessment until their finalization through litigation, arbitration or settlement, covering a diverse range of infrastructure and commercial construction projects. This includes one landmark case relating to the construction of fibre-optic pipes in Central Europe which led to one of the highest arbitral awards of the year, and a settlement of several hundred million euros. We also represent clients before dispute adjudication boards and in all other forms of alternative dispute resolution.

  • Corporate and Commercial Law

    Our dispute resolution practitioners have a strong focus on corporate litigation, the resolution of business irregularities and arbitration. We advocate for predominantly multi-national clients in complex cases involving an array of diverse industries, including banking, financial services, construction, advertising, sports, professional services, gaming, enterprise technology, large retail, healthcare and food and beverages. Our thorough understanding of how multinational groups operate and interact, and how complex M&A deals are structured really sets us apart. From shareholder disputes to tackling regulatory and financial accounting improprieties, our in-depth knowledge of corporate and business law allows us to help formulate and effectively implement strategies with the best possible results, while minimizing disruptions to our clients’ business. Our corporate litigation lawyers have experience in winning multimillion shareholder disputes on all court levels, including the Austrian Supreme Court.

  • Distribution

    We boast a number of industry specialists with substantial backgrounds in the areas of distribution and sales and licensing; routinely advising in international distribution and licensing disputes and assisting clients in defending their contractual rights under distribution agreements. Our distributions-in-dispute expertise covers a wide range of industries such as pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, beverages, electronic consumer goods and building materials. We represent commercial agents, distributors, manufacturers and suppliers and provide in-depth understanding of the business relationship between principals and their distributors or agents. Our strong distribution expertise is perfectly matched by our arbitration capabilities, given that most international distribution agreements are subject to the jurisdiction of an arbitral tribunal.

  • Energy

    Increasing global demands for enterprising energy solutions create all sorts of challenging risks for business. Our expert lawyers are here to tackle the arising disputes with insight and influence. Our experience ranges from price adjustment disputes, project financing and joint ventures right through to oil and gas exploration and construction. We bring valuable intelligence in the field of clean technology and sustainable, alternative energy, but we’re also experts in more traditional energy production areas, highlighted by such work as our case involving the world’s largest coal strip mine.

  • Food and Beverage

    Businesses operating in the fast-moving food and beverage sector not only face a complex regulatory framework but one of the most competitive global marketplaces in history. Our lawyers have a profound understanding of the current and future challenges of the sector and are used to handling landmark cases, such as the largest arbitration case in the past thirty years for a leading global soft drinks company. We are also proud of our knowledge about disputes related to international investments and acquisitions, including supply-side build, as well as their distribution, shipping, marketing, and license agreements. We have hands-on experience in winning multimillion corporate disputes from cases of first impression through the Austrian Supreme Court, and in defending insider trading cases in the criminal system, all resulting in full acquittals.

  • Foreign Investment

    We provide our clients in Austria and abroad with sound legal counsel and success-driven representation in disputes relating to their investments, within and outside of Austria, combining contractual and treaty protections. We frequently advise on bilateral and concerted economic sanctions, anti-corruption legislation, anti-money laundering, bilateral and multilateral investment protection treaties, the UK Anti-Bribery Act, the U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, as well as state immunities. Our objective is to provide our clients with the best practicable strategy in order to achieve optimal results through litigation, arbitration or agreement, and routinely act for clients in disputes with sovereign states and state entities.

  • Gaming

    Gaming law is extraordinarily complex. It is driven by diverse and increasingly technology-focused commercial frameworks and comprises a rich variety of businesses, from major gaming companies and platform operators to start-up interactive developers. We provide legal support at all stages of gaming industry disputes, right from the start of the commercial scoping through to the finalization of the matter before courts, arbitral tribunals or through to final, dispositive, agreement. Our experience principally focuses on handling claims arising out of concession agreements, commercial matters or commercial drawbacks, and those connected to management and service agreements.

  • Hospitality, Leisure and Travel

    The hospitality industry is one of the largest global business sectors and, in Austria, one of the most important drivers of a thriving economy. Our disputes lawyers bring considerable sector experience to our clients engaged in contentious buying, financing, operating, promoting, expanding and exiting hospitality businesses, including hotels and resorts, tour wholesalers, ground, water and air transportation providers and financiers. Our lawyers have led major representations and have formulated creative and successful strategies in major litigated and arbitral matters for every such provider, including those whose funding and management originates in Asia, the Middle East, Europe and America.

  • IT and Telecommunications

    Our attorneys take on some of the most complex and important disputes in the IT and telecommunications sector in Austria and the CEE. Our real strength is a considerable knowledge of the technology behind a dispute, coupled with a specialized network of experts that allow us to deliver unrivaled insight. Our experience includes understanding license and maintenance agreements, financing and constructing wireless systems infrastructure, roll-out of information technology infrastructure and software, level service agreements, joint venture agreements, outsourcing agreements and revenue sharing agreements. Our disputes work profits from our knowledge of our lawyers advising large regional banks financing telecoms and international telecommunications companies.

  • Life Science, Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals

    We deliver substantial healthcare legal and trial experience in an array of consumer and liability actions brought against life sciences companies, regulatory agencies and medical-care providers, and are proud to provide litigation counsel to a number of major industry players in pharmaceuticals, medical devices and biotech. Our life sciences practitioners work within a strong and responsive network of healthcare professionals, too. Above all, we engage at all stages of development, co-development, oversight, branding, clinical trial and international marketing of compounds. This gives us a true understanding of our client’s needs and the issues at hand, allowing us to stay one step ahead of the opposition through all stages of the proceedings. Our lawyers have decades of experience in successfully defending collective actions in this field and avoiding reputational damage.

  • Retail and Consumer Goods

    Competitive markets and compliance pressures require substantial commercial and legal expertise, and our team has a practical understanding of the tough business environment that international retailers, manufacturers and suppliers of consumer goods face. We serve clients in areas such as domestic and international product liability and safety disputes, comparative advertising proceedings, as well as in disputes with ongoing commercial relationships. Our sector expertise ranges from health and cosmetics, perfumes, nutrition, sportswear, optic lenses and food and beverages, guiding our clients through the complex and delicate stages from the best practice guidelines and Codes of Conduct through to defending clients’ rights before administrative bodies, civil and criminal courts.

  • Sports

    We deliver significant expertise in contentious matters that affect the entire industry, all delivered by our sports specialists. We provide top league advice at all stages of sports sector disputes, particularly when it comes to reputational and anti-corruption issues. Our lawyers have given professional support to clients sponsoring professional sports teams, advertising at major sports venues and events, in connection with player trades and transfers, and in financing construction of sports stadia in a number of countries. Notably, our expertise has been invaluable throughout the unfolding FIFA corruption scandal, with our extensive, expert views featuring in Austrian national print and television media.

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  • Photo of Teresa Bogensberger
    View Bio

    Teresa Bogensberger

    Partner E:
    T: +43 1 34 34 000 900

    Before joining KNOETZL Teresa was a partner of the Austrian office of a large multinational law firm covering Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Africa, and the Austrian head of the IP Practice Group as well as a member of the Litigation and Employment Practice Group.

    Teresa has over 20 years of experience as intellectual property, unfair competition and labour law specialist in a wide range of industries. She regularly represents Austrian and international clients before the Austrian intellectual property authorities and courts as well as in international IP disputes at both EUIPO and WIPO. Teresa has substantial expertise in strategic planning of successful dispute resolution. She also holds specialist seminars and publishes articles on current topics.

    Teresa is a graduate of the Law Faculty of Vienna and holds a Ph.D. from the University of Vienna on civil procedure law. Teresa is fluent in English, French and German.

    Teresa is a member of the International Bar Association as well as of the German Chamber of Commerce.

  • Photo of Katrin Hanschitz
    View Bio

    Katrin Hanschitz

    Partner E:
    T: +43 1 34 34 000 700

    Before joining KNOETZL, Katrin practiced law in a senior capacity with a large, multinational law firm covering the CEE and SEE for eight years, both as a corporate and banking lawyer and, then, in the last five years as a litigator, focussing predominantly upon disputed matters in the substantive law range of European corporate and international finance and in the life science industry.

    Katrin’s professional background – including her extensive experience as a transaction lawyer in international corporate/M&A and finance transactions – has enriched her own dispute resolution practice at KNOETZL.

    Her primary focus continues to be on corporate litigation and arbitration and includes, in particular, all forms of shareholder disputes, manager liability and disputed M&A transactions.  She regularly represents and advises mainly multinational clients from a variety of industries. Katrin has been particularly active in advocating on behalf of the life sciences, including Austrian and multinational pharmaceuticals.  She is also experienced in complex, disputed matters in advertising and investment banking.

    Katrin is fluent in English and German.

  • Photo of Maria-Elisabeth Hoff
    View Bio

    Maria-Elisabeth Hoff

    Associate E:
    T: +43 1 34 34 000 240

    Maria-Elisabeth Hoff is an Associate at KNOETZL. Before joining KNOETZL in 2016, she worked for a large, multinational firm covering the CEE and SEE as a member of the Dispute Resolution Practice Group.

    Maria-Elisabeth specializes in litigation, with a particular focus on business crime and forensic investigations in complex cases. During her studies of business law at the Vienna University of Economics and Business, she worked as a trainee in Vienna-based law firms and did a traineeship at the Austrian Trade Commission in Hong Kong.

    Maria-Elisabeth is fluent in English and German.

  • Photo of Florian Haugeneder
    View Bio

    Florian Haugeneder

    Partner E:
    T: +43 1 34 34 000 300

    Before co-founding the firm KNOETZL in 2016, Florian was the head of the international Arbitration Practice of a large, multinational law firm covering the CEE and SEE.

    Florian has extensive experience as counsel and arbitrator in institutional and ad-hoc arbitration proceedings (including International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), ICSID Convention’s Rules, Korean Arbitration Board, Court of Arbitration of the Slovak Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Rules of Arbitration of the VIAC (Vienna Rules), Permanent Arbitration Court at the Croatian Chamber of Commerce). A special focus of his practice is the international law on investment protection and investment arbitration proceedings. Industry sectors include energy, construction, engineering and technology, gaming as well as corporate disputes.

    Florian is ranked in Chambers Global, Chambers Europe and JUVE in the areas of arbitration and dispute resolution. He is a founding member of the Association of Young Austrian Arbitration Practitioners (YAAP) and a board member of the Austrian Arbitration Association (ArbAut). Florian lectures at the University of Vienna on international arbitration and frequently speaks and publishes on international arbitration and investment protection.

    He holds a degree from the University of Vienna and a Master’s degree from King’s College London (LL.M. with a specialization in international arbitration). Florian is fluent in English, French and German.

  • Photo of Philipp Hirschauer
    View Bio

    Philipp Hirschauer

    Legal Assistant E:
    T: +43 1 34 34 000 209

    Philipp is a legal assistant at KNOETZL. Before joining KNOETZL, Philipp worked at a large multinational firm covering CEE and SEE.

    Philipp is studying at the Law Faculty of the University of Vienna with a concentration in IP/IT legal studies and supports the firm in various aspects of its practice, especially with legal research and as forensic investigator.

    Philipp is fluent in German and English.

  • Photo of Emmanuel Kaufman
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    Emmanuel Kaufman

    Partner E:
    T: +43 1 34 34 000 800

    Emmanuel Kaufman is a partner at KNOETZL. Before joining the firm in 2016, he worked for approximately nine years at a large, multinational firm covering the CEE and SEE regions, as a member of the Dispute Resolution Practice Group.

    Emmanuel specializes in commercial and international investment arbitration, focusing on complex arbitration proceedings in a wide array of industries, including construction and engineering, IT and telecommunications, gaming, international trade and food and beverages. Emmanuel has extensive and substantive experience in arbitration proceedings under renowned arbitration rules, including the Rules of Arbitration of the VIAC (Vienna Rules), International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), UNCITRAL Arbitration Rules and ICSID.

    Emmanuel also co-coached the University of Buenos Aires team (Argentina) that won the XXIII Willem C. Vis International Commercial Arbitration Moot in March 2016. Since 2016, Emmanuel is ranked by Chambers Global in the area of dispute resolution as an Argentinean attorney practicing in Austria.

    Emmanuel holds a law degree from the University of Buenos Aires and is a member of the attorney bar association of Buenos Aires, ICC Young Arbitrators Forum (ICC YAF), Association of Young Austrian Arbitration Practitioners (YAAP), Young International Arbitration Group (YIAG) and Club Español del Arbitraje (CEA-40).

    Since January 2017, Emmanuel is the President of the German – Austrian Chapter of the Spanish Club of Arbitration (Club Español del Arbitraje – CEA).

    Emmanuel is fluent in English, German and Spanish.

  • Photo of Michael Kienzl
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    Michael Kienzl

    Consultant E:
    T: + 43 1 34 34 000 210

    Michael Kienzl is a Consultant at KNOETZL. Before joining the firm in 2016, he worked for nearly three years at a large, multinational law firm covering the CEE and SEE regions as a member of the Dispute Resolution Practice Group.

    Michael specializes in complex banking and asset management matters, with a particular focus on economic issues, case analysis, strategy development and risk management. In addition, Michael has extensive expertise in dealing with court experts in complex financial disputes, in particular related to derivatives and hedge fund products.

    During his professional career, before turning to full time law practice, Michael gained in-depth experience in financial engineering and asset management. In this context Michael worked in a senior capacity for international investment banks in the field of product development and trading and was later founder and appointed director of a Luxembourg SICAV-FIS. Michael has abundant knowledge of a wide range of complex capital market products.

  • Photo of Bettina Knoetzl
    View Bio

    Bettina Knoetzl

    Partner E:
    T: +43 1 34 34 000 200

    Bettina Knoetzl is a partner at KNOETZL, a leading firm in Litigation, Arbitration, ADR, Asset Tracing & Recovery, Business Crime, Compliance and Corporate Crisis Management. Bettina has more than 20 years’ experience in handling complex national and international disputes and is currently ranked as one of the leading litigation,  dispute resolution and white collar crime lawyers in Austria.

    Bettina specializes in international and commercial litigation, focusing on investor protection, liability claims, business crime, fraud & asset tracing, corporate disputes, banking, insurance and financial derivatives cases and life science litigation. She has successfully defended against class action lawsuits, including one of Austria’s largest civil litigation cases, and represents corporate and investor clients in well-known shareholder disputes. She also provides legal counsel to significant government institutions. Her successes in asset tracing and recovery have been recognized across the globe. She has led her clients to remarkable successes, among others in several cases up to the Austrian Supreme Court. With her vast understanding and experience of cross border work, she is a sought after co-counsel by top tier law firms.

    Bettina is currently the Co-Chair of the Litigation Committee of the International Bar Association, the President of the Advisory Board of Transparency International (Austrian Chapter), the Austrian representative of the ICC-FraudNet and Member of the Advisory Board of ZBP, the Career Center of the Vienna University of Economics and Business. She is ranked in the top tier by the leading international directories, such as Chambers, and is currently recognized as one of five of the “Most Highly Regarded Individuals” in “Litigation” and “Asset Tracing” in Europe by Who’s Who, Legal (2015).

  • Photo of Jovana Lakic
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    Jovana Lakic

    Lawyer E:
    T: +43 1 34 34 000 206

    Jovana Lakic is a legal trainee at KNOETZL. Before joining KNOETZL in 2016 she worked as an associate in a Belgrade based law firm advising clients on competition and commercial law matters specially focusing on litigation before courts and public authorities.

    Jovana holds a degree from the University of Belgrade, Faculty of law (LL.B) and a Master`s degree from Stockholm University with specialization in European law (LL.M). During her studies she participated in the ICC International Commercial Mediation Moot Competition as well as European Litigation Competition at Stockholm University as a member of the winning team. Jovana holds Serbian BAR exam. She is a member of Young Austrian Arbitration Practitioners.

    She is fluent in Serbian/Bosnian/Croatian and English and has a good comprehension of Spanish and French.

  • Photo of Philip Marsch
    View Bio

    Philip Marsch

    Counsel E:
    T: +43 1 34 34 000 250

    Philip’s practice is concentrated in the areas of business and commercial litigation, white collar investigations and criminal law. He has extensive experience in managing large volume cases and has successfully represented clients before civil, criminal and administrative courts in first instance and appeal proceedings. Also, Philip has built up an expertise in extradition proceedings and forensic analyses.

    Philip worked for two of Austria’s large multi-national firms predominantly as a member the litigation group also gaining valuable experience in corporate law handling a distressed multinational M&A. Before joining KNOETZL, he practiced with one of Austria’s most renowned criminal defense attorneys.

    Philip also manages KNOETZL’s pro bono cases and takes an active role in the training of junior lawyers.

    Philip is fluent in English and German.


  • Photo of Samia Murgham
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    Samia Murgham

    Lawyer E:
    T: +43 1 34 34 000 104

    Samia previously worked as in-house legal counsel in a diverse range of industries in the Middle East and Africa, including oil and gas, construction and hospitality. She has also worked in the CEE department of a large European multinational bank based in Vienna, where she was predominantly working on legal research in the field of digital banking and anti-money laundering.

    Before joining KNOETZL, she supported the legal department of an intergovernmental organization specialized in the field of anti-corruption, where she was involved in matters of procurement, employment law and the drafting of internal regulations.

    Samia undertook her undergraduate legal studies at the University of Groningen in the Netherlands, and at Aarhus University in Denmark. She also holds a Master degree in European and International Business Law from the University of Vienna.

    Samia is a native speaker of English, and has also studied Arabic, French and Dutch.

  • Photo of Patrizia Netal
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    Patrizia Netal

    Partner E:
    T: +43 1 34 34 000 400

    Before co-founding the firm KNOETZL in 2016, Patrizia was a partner and arbitration expert in a dispute resolution boutique in Vienna.

    Patrizia practices both as counsel and arbitrator. She has extensive experience in institutional and ad-hoc arbitration proceedings (including the Rules of Arbitration of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), the Rules of Arbitration of the VIAC (Vienna Rules), the German Institution of Arbitration (DIS) and UNCITRAL Arbitration Rules). A significant concentration of her practice is in international commercial arbitration, focusing on construction and engineering disputes, distribution and international sales disputes.

    Patrizia is the Co-Director of the Willem C. Vis International Commercial Arbitration Moot, the world’s largest and most renowned law student competition in the field of arbitration. She is also co-chair of the Association of Young Austrian Arbitration Practitioners (YAAP).

    Patrizia is fluent in English and German.

  • Photo of Carlos Izquierdo Pérez
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    Carlos Izquierdo Pérez

    Legal Assistant E:
    T: +43 1 34 34 000 203

    Carlos is a legal assistant at KNOETZL. Before joining KNOETZL, Carlos worked in the Public Prosecutor’s Office in Havana/Cuba. With his particular experience in criminal law, he supports the firm’s White Collar Crime Practice as forensic investigator.

    Carlos holds a law degree from the University of Havana where he completed the Postgraduate Training in Public Prosecution.

    Carlos is fluent in English, German and Spanish.

  • Photo of Tim Pfister
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    Tim Pfister

    Managing Partner E:
    T: +43 1 34 34 000 500

    Tim is an international, corporate, finance and M&A lawyer with over 35 years’ experience as lead, or specialty, counsel to principal parties in large numbers of cross-border and U.S. domestic transactions with aggregate value (and, in some cases, individual deal value) in the range of several billion USD. Tim is a member of the Bar of New York since 1979 and is admitted to practice before the state courts and federal courts there.

    In addition to management responsibilities at KNOETZL, Tim acts as counsel, advising clients and KNOETZL lawyers on New York law matters and regarding conflicts in international transactions, cross-border financings, Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, corporate crisis management and corporate strategic planning.

    Prior to moving to Austria in 2013, Tim was a partner and held management positions in U.S. law firms, including Wall Street firms, and was the head of the significant New York and international corporate practices of a major U.S.-based firm with over 1000 lawyers. Tim later acted as a founding corporate partner for the New York office of a major, Washington, D.C.-based firm.

    In addition to his deals practice, Tim has acted as outside general counsel to a variety of companies and banks, ranging in size from very large, to mid-sized. In that connection, Tim has considerable experience in supervising litigation and strategic legal planning. His industry experience includes infrastructure development, structured financings, public and private companies’ finance, technology, representation of pharmaceuticals, banks, biotech companies, airlines, insurance companies and traditional and renewable energy concerns.

  • Photo of Sebastian Pribas
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    Sebastian Pribas

    Associate E:
    T: +43 1 34 34 000 270

    Sebastian Pribas is an Associate at KNOETZL. Before joining KNOETZL in 2016, Sebastian worked for many years at the Austrian Students Union in Innsbruck as head of different legal divisions and was a trainee in the Corporate and Mergers & Aquisitions Group as well as in the Public Commercial & European Law Group of one of the biggest, multinational law firms in Vienna covering the CEE and SEE.

    Sebastian studied law and law and economy at the University of Innsbruck and is a PhD student. He is fluent in English and German.

  • Photo of Judith Schacherreiter
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    Judith Schacherreiter

    Senior Associate E:
    T: +43 1 34 34 000 230

    Judith Schacherreiter is a Senior Associate at KNOETZL and teaches at the Law Faculty of the University of Vienna and the Donau-University Krems. Previously, she held a research and teaching position at the Law Faculty of the University of Vienna, carried out a multi-year research project at Mexican universities and worked in other law firms.

    Judith has widely published and lectured in the area of private international and comparative law in Austria and abroad and received awards for her publications by various institutions (e.g. Kardinal Innitzer Fonds, Maria Schaumayer Stiftung). In 2013, she gained the qualification as a law professor for private international and comparative law. She specializes in international litigation, private international law, uniform law and civil law.

    Judith is fluent in English, German and Spanish.

  • Photo of Tobias Schaffner
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    Tobias Schaffner

    Counsel E:
    T: +43 1 34 34 000 280

    Tobias is a Counsel at KNOETZL specializing in international arbitration and asset tracing.

    A major focus of Tobias’ work is the international law of investment protection, an area in which he benefits from his experience at the International Court of Justice (ICJ) in The Hague and his time as a supervisor in International Law at the University of Cambridge. Tobias has substantive experience in commercial arbitration proceedings under the ICC Rules, the Swiss Rules and the SCC Rules.

    Prior to joining KNOETZL, Tobias worked at a Zurich based law-firm specializing in arbitration and asset tracing.

    Tobias is a Swiss attorney. He holds a law degree (lic. iur.) from the University of Geneva and an LL.M. and a Ph.D. from the University of Cambridge.

    Tobias is fluent in English, German and French, and has a working knowledge of Spanish and Italian.

  • Photo of Sofiya Svinkovskaya
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    Sofiya Svinkovskaya

    Lawyer E:
    T: +43 1 34 34 000 207

    Sofiya Svinkovskaya is a legal trainee at KNOETZL. Before joining KNOETZL in 2016, she worked as a trainee in the Dispute Resolution Practice Group of a large regional law firm based in Vienna covering the CEE/SEE Region.

    Sofiya is a law student at the University of Vienna with a specialization in arbitration, mediation, international private law and international law. She is a current member of the team of University of Vienna for the Willem C. Vis International Commercial Arbitration Moot and previously took part as a negotiator for the team of University of Vienna in the IBA-VIAC negotiation and mediation competition.

    Sofiya is a part of the Business Negotiation Club’s team at the Academic Forum of Foreign Affairs and a member of the Young Arbitrators Forum of the International Chamber of Commerce, the Young International Arbitration Group and the European Law Students’ Association.

    Sofiya is fluent in English, German, Russian and Slovak.

  • Photo of Selma Tiric
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    Selma Tiric

    Senior Associate E:
    T: +43 1 34 34 000 310

    Selma Tiric is a Senior Associate at KNOETZL. Before joining KNOETZL in 2016, Selma worked for a large, multinational firm covering the CEE and SEE as a member of the Dispute Resolution Practice Group (2010-2013 and 2015) and the Head of Secretariat of the European Law Institute (2013-2014).

    Selma has extensive experience as counsel in institutional and ad-hoc arbitration proceedings under various arbitration rules and in several languages, with a special focus on arbitration in the CEE and SEE region. Her industry experience includes construction, energy, engineering and international sales disputes.

    Selma studied law in Austria, but is originally from Bosnia and Herzegovina. Selma is a member of the Association of Young Austrian Arbitration Practitioners (YAAP) and a Fellow of the ELI.

    Selma is fluent in Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian, English and German.

  • Photo of Natascha Tunkel
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    Natascha Tunkel

    Counsel E:
    T: +43 1 34 34 000 220

    Natascha is specialized in international commercial arbitration and litigation. Her profound knowledge of procedural law, covering the entire range of (alternative) dispute resolution, is derived from her strong academic background, working as a lecturer and research assistant at the Department of Civil Procedure at the University of Vienna Law Faculty. In addition, she has collected extensive practical experience both in small arbitration boutique law firms as well as in another large, multinational law firm covering the CEE and SEE regions. Natascha has been involved in arbitration cases under the main institutional rules.

    Adapting to the needs of clients, Natascha has in the past years broadened the focus of her practice and has advised in a number of white collar crime criminal cases.  She has built considerable expertise in the handling of complex civil and criminal cases, including overseeing and applying forensic analysis of large volumes of data.

    Natascha’s professional background and ten years of experience enable her to guide clients through all stages of a dispute from initiation of proceedings to enforcement of decisions. She is also well-versed in, and adept at, negotiating settlement agreements.

    Natascha is fluent in English and German.

  • Photo of Katharina Wiltschek
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    Katharina Wiltschek

    Associate E:
    T: +43 1 34 34 000 260

    Katharina Wiltschek is an Associate at KNOETZL.

    Katharina specializes in corporate law disputes. She is a graduate of the Law Faculty of the University of Vienna. During her law studies she worked at an international law firm based in Vienna, focusing on corporate and tax law. She also did a traineeship at one of the Big Four international audit firms and at the Austrian Trade Commission in Chicago.

    Katharina is fluent in English and German.


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